Vesper Holdings LLC is a privately-held New York based real estate investment firm founded in 2007 by Elliot J.Tamir and Isaac J. Sitt.

Vesper Holdings owns a diverse portfolio that is comprised of retail, parking and office, with a primary focus on student housing. Vesper represents a unique combination encompassing the financial resources and capabilities of an institutional investor with the entrepreneurial bent of a boutique firm. Taken together, Vesper has the ability to move with extraordinary speed in the analysis and execution of transactions, as well as the resources necessary to capitalize on any real estate investment regardless of size or complexity.

Vesper is a vertically integrated company that is deeply involved in every aspect of its real estate investments including asset management, construction, and real estate management. Vesper ensures optimal bottom line performance through its operating platform by maintaining control over business plan development, property branding and marketing, revenue management, expense control, and asset preservation.

Vesper Holdings ranks as one of the top 6 student housing owners in The United States. The Vesper portfolio represents over 30,000 beds in forty-four markets and in twenty-one states and is valued over Two Billion Dollars.

Instrumental to Vesper Holdings’ success is Campus Life & Style (“CLS”), its wholly-owned property management subsidiary. CLS applies best practices and strategies from the student housing industry and beyond to provide industry-leading customer service to its residents. In addition, CLS provides brand continuity across Vesper’s national student housing portfolio. Sophisticated, hip, and aspirational, CLS pushes the boundaries of student housing into territory shared by the world’s elite hospitality brands.

Vesper Holdings is committed to the highest standards of excellence and integrity in its investment and business practices. Since its inception, Vesper has consistently delivered exceptionally attractive risk-adjusted returns to its investors.

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